Meet the Founders

Hong Mei Liao is our co-founder, tea specialist and the creator of Suiro Teas. Born in a tea growing province in China, she did her Master’s in Phytochemistry and has researched the health benefits of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Most of the specialty teas get sent abroad while the people here don't even know they exist. In order to change this trend she has co-founded Suiro Teas, in hopes of supporting our ever growing Tea Culture!

Suiro Teas is a company co-founded by Shrisha Pradhananga. With her ITA Tea Sommelier Certification, she plans to introduce people in her community to an alternative way of life through the art of tea. She believes that natural products are best and making them a part of life will help the people embrace a positive change in their health and wellness.

Inspiration Behind the Name

Our name, Suiro Teas (pronounced Swee-ro), is derived from the bud of the tea plant. The bud contains the most volatile oils and reflects our freshness and authenticity. We hope it touches your heart and ignites a connection towards the nature.

Constant Innovation

We are a young, innovative and dynamic Tea Company that focuses on quality. As a result, we are constantly enlarging our dynamic team with both young and experienced individuals. By creating new, innovative varieties, we are continuously optimizing our range and adapting to the ever-changing and newly emerging Tea market.